You're an experiened (senior) developer or engineer that excels at personal projects and/or studies. You've successfully built multiple applications from start to end and know how to get things done. You have professional experience, but you want more besides your regular job. You want to broaden your scope, learn new things or work in an international environment. Together with a team of like minded individuals, you'll be building the digital infrastructure of CollAction.


About you

  • proven track record of excellence
  • dedicated, independent with a strong willingness to learn
  • intrinsically motivated with a proactive attitude
  • 5+ hours / week to work on CollAction
  • experience with one or more of Terraform, NestJS, Flutter, Next.js, Azure
  • (5+) 3+ years of general coding, either through school or preferably self taught
  • (3+) 1+ years as a professional developer

About us

The dev team has grown to ~30 engineers and is spread all across the globe. We meet every Tuesday at 7pm Amsterdam time, but you're free to decide if you'd like to be there or not. Most of our ambassadors are located in the Netherlands, in particular Amsterdam. connect people to solve collective action problems. We aspire to make doing good fun & easy.

Our organisational goal is to be a self-sustaining non-profit that functions independently from donations. We hope to achieve this through a paid version of our product in the future. As soon as we have fixed this, we'll start compensating team members for their efforts!


CollAction is a non-profit organisation and is currently run by volunteers only. We are not able to provide a salary at this point, therefore: your commitment to CollAction is exactly what you want it to be. We understand that family, work, etc. are more important. We understand that first things go first, so we don't try to force each other to do something. We simply try to keep each other updates on how things are going, so we know what to expect from each other. your schedule.

Our individual actions are a drop in the ocean. But together, we make waves!

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