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We make doing good fun and easy

Step 1: Goal

Choose an activity you want to take part in

Step 2: Crowd

See how your actions are amplified by the crowd

Step 3: Action

Commit to the goal and make impact

We connect people to solve collective action problems

We make doing good fun & easy.

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Choose a CrowdAction and make a change today

Let's eat vegan for a month!

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Your CrowdAction, your rules

You decide your pace by choosing your level of commitment

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See the impact we make together

Alone we are a drop in the ocean – together we make waves. CollAction always shows you how much of an environmental impact all participants of a CrowdAction have made collectively.

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Want to use CollAction for your project?

Do you have an initiative for collective action and would you like to reach a large public? Send us a message at