We make doing good fun and easy

We make doing good fun and easy


Choose an activity you want to take part in


See how your actions are amplified by the crowd


Commit to the goal and make impact

"CollAction uses creative and innovative approaches to solve collective action problems on a global scale. Both literature and empirical studies show this is very hard to tackle. CollAction's approach of making it fun & easy on a hyperlocal scale is unique, much needed and promising for the future!"

Sjoerd Kluiving

Associate Professor at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

Mission & Vision

Our vision is to solve all collective action problems in the world, such as climate change. We believe in a positive, bottom-up approach. We do so by making it simple and enjoyable for users to take part in CrowdActions: sustainable (monthly) challenges. Therefore, CollAction connects people to make positive impact together - Power to the Crowd! We believe this is the only way to reach a crowd that crosses cities, countries and continents. Therefore, our mission is to make doing good fun and easy! Want to know how we do this exactly? Take a look at our Projects page.

We connect people to solve collective action problems

We make doing good fun & easy.

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Choose a CrowdAction and make a change today

On our app you can search for CrowdActions that spark your interest. Whether it's food, energy or transport: we can make our habits more sustainable at all fronts. Therefore, take a look and decide how you want to make impact!

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Your CrowdAction, your rules

Have you decided which CrowdAction you'd like to take part in? The app shows which options you can choose from to take part in the CrowdAction, which we call commitments. You decide your pace by choosing your level of commitment.

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Find out who else is taking part in a CrowdAction

Team up with friends, family, neighbours and colleagues to help each other in staying committed until the end of the CrowdAction!

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See how your actions make impact

Thanks to the crowd, your individual actions are amplified. After the CrowdAction you can see the collective impact that was made!

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Frequently Asked Questions

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