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Let’s meet with an elderly once a week.
Let’s be vegan for a month.
Let’s separate our waste.
Let’s reduce food waste.
Let’s switch to a green energy provider.
Let’s meet with an elderly once a week.
Together we make waves!



Choose or suggest a goal you would like to participate in


See how your actions are magnified by the crowd that has equal goals


Commit to the goal and make impact

CollAction in a nutshell

We are CollAction. We will show that solving big Collective Action Problems like climate change is possible. Moreover, we will show that helping to solve these problems can be fun, and way easier than people think. We will show that action can be taken by your group of friends, your department of colleagues, or just by you together with strangers. You can make a real impact, make a real change, and have fun doing it.

On our app you can sign up for a challenge to participate in. We connect you to the people that also do the challenge, we show you what you have achieved, and we try our best to ensure everyone acts as promised. By doing so, we combine the power of the internet with the demand of people that want to take action, e.g. against climate change.

People want to act, but see that governments are moving too slow and that individual action is too small. By offering a hub for people to unite, we amplify individual impact. At the same time this hub keeps the barrier to act low and the impact immediate. Alone we are a drop in the ocean, together we make waves.

Power to the Crowd

Do you want to make the world a better place, but do your actions feel like a drop in the ocean? Thanks to CrowdActing you can take action, together with many like minded individuals. Let’s not eat meat for a month together. Let’s reduce plastic together. Together, we make waves!

Our mission

Make doing good fun and easy!

Our vision

Solve all collective action problems in the world.

Who supports CollAction?

We couldn’t do what we’re doing without the support of our community, and generous donors:

Henk Tetteroo

Would you like to support CollAction?
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What we are currently doing

Together with a team of developers from all over the world we’re building an app for iOS and Android. We aim to test the alpha version in January 2022. Would you like to receive updates on our progress and be one of the first to use our app?

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CollAction was founded in 2016 by Ron van den Akker and Spencer Heijnen. After great successes with fashion-related crowdactions, their team decided to focus solely on SlowFashion in 2020. As there is still strong confidence that there's room for CollAction in this world, a new team has formed in 2021 and is expanding rapidly.

Meet the team

Want to help us out?

CollAction is run by volunteers only. Do you have a valuable skill set and want to help us out?
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The Giants

You know the saying with shoulders and giants?
Without the team below, CollAction wouldn’t exist.

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