The Big Uilenstede Cleanup

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Photographer: Isis Greven

Why participate?

Free drinks in return for your old phone, oven and more! So get your eenheid together, bring us your waste and enjoy drinks @ Sportcentrum VU!

What's the campaign?

In September we’ll make the campus prettier by doing a start-of-the-year clean up. From September 13-16 you can hand in your electronic and bulk waste (grof afval) at the red circle below in return for vouchers. On September 17, 20 & 27 you can join us to collect litter (zwerfafval) around the campus to make it shine again!

What's a voucher?

A voucher equals one beer, (canned) soft drink or coffee at Sportcentrum VU, which can be redeemed anytime until October 31st 2022.

How to get vouchers?

Together with your eenheid or another group formed by you, collect your e-waste and bulk waste and bring it to us. Each piece of garbage equals a number of points. For each 5 points* you hand in, you get 1 voucher! Check out the conversion list below to find out how many vouchers you'll get. Is your garbage not there? You can still get points for it! Send us a Whatsapp or come to our stand and we'll tell if you're eligible.

* There's a limited number of vouchers. Depending on availability the 5 points could increase after the first day. Tip: to ensure you get 1 voucher per 5 points, bring your waste on September 13.

How can I help?

Want to help make our campus prettier? That’s possible! You can already do so by sharing the word, posting on social media and showing up at our stand. Would you like to do more? Want to meet neighbours that also like to do a bit extra? Send a WhatsApp message to +31625351135 and tell us why you’d like to be involved: Power to the Crowd!


For the teams that collect the most points between 13-16 September, prizes are listed below. You get these on top of the vouchers you already received. To be eligible for the vouchers, your team must have collected at least the number of vouchers expressed in points.

  • 100 vouchers & 14 tickets for Thuisfront Festival & personal clinic at Sportcentrum VU
  • 42 vouchers & rent Uilenkatten speakers for free
  • 14 vouchers

When & Where

Electronic & Bulk waste

Come by with your electronic and bulk waste on September 13, 14, 15 & 16* between 13:00 - 15:00 @ the red circle below and collect your vouchers!


Join us to collect litter around the campus. Afterwards you get a free drink & snacks @ Sportcentrum VU. To reserve a litter pick-up stick, enroll in our app:

  • September 17** between 10:30 - 11:30 @ Sportcentrum VU.
  • September 20 & 27 between 15:00 - 17:00 @ the red circle below.

*On September 16 the 4th Worm Hotel of Uilenstede will be opened at 16:00.

**September 17 is National CleanUp Day, so GroenLinks Amstelveen joins!

Contact us

Would you like to contact us, e.g. when you cannot find us? Send a WhatsApp message to +31625351135 or an email to

*September 17 is National CleanUp Day, so GroenLinks Amstelveen joins!

Contact us

Would you like to contact us, e.g. when you cannot find us? Send a WhatsApp message to +31625351135 or an email to

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Download the app

Reserve a litter pick-up stick and join us!

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Conversion list

Bulk waste

Most garbage that is too big for your waste bin, very heavy, or both, is eligible as bulk waste. For example, couches, chairs, beds & mattresses. Depending on the size and weight of your bulk waste we'll determine the number of points you'll receive at the spot. So get your eenheid together, bring us your old furniture from the garden or common room, and enjoy drinks @ Sportcentrum VU afterwards!

Electronic waste

Electronic waste encompasses all clean, empty devices that have a plug or run on batteries. We've outlined below how many points you get for your device. Is your device qualified as e-waste but not listed below? Don't worry: just send us a Whatsapp message or come by and we'll award you points. Note that batteries must be removed in order to get points.

7 points
smartphone, laptop, washing machine
5 points (special)
together with your team mates, share on your socials. The 5 points can be redeemed once per team.
5 points
fridge, freezer, television, monitor, microwave, oven, vacuum cleaner
3 points
camera, playstation, iron, tosti device, printer, scanner, motherboard, radio, cd player, mp3 player, sound system, answering machine, regular phone, electric toothbrush
1 point
2 cables/earplugs/lamps, keyboard, mouse, kettle, powerbank, 5 batteries, clock, torch, calculator, hair dryer, weegschaal

Did you know

  • We can create valuable resources from your separated waste! Separate your waste to prevent it from being burned or ending up in landfills. Help nature by enabling the municipality to recycle what you don't use anymore. Your tidy house can equal a happy planet!
  • You get free (30 liter) PMD bags at DUWO to collect your plastic separately
  • A big problem of recycled plastic is the smell originating from organic material. Therefore, clean your plastic a bit before you put it in your PMD bag and be careful not to put food in it. Furthermore, don't put kit/aerosols/paint cans in PMD, as these might explode in the machines
  • Dutch people throw away 120kg of plastic every year
  • Every municipality has its own waste policy. For example, Amstelveen collects plastic seperately from general waste (voorsortering), whereas Amsterdam puts everything on one big pile (nasortering)
  • There are 4 worm hotels at Uilenstede that collect bio waste. If you want to sign up for one, send us a message
  • Paper can be recycled and reused 7 times, aluminium cans indefinitely
  • Making one can from raw materials uses the same amount of energy that it takes to recycle 20 cans
  • Pizza boxes from the pizzeria should be placed in general waste due to the oil in the paper. Pizza boxes from the supermarket are suited for recycling
  • As of 2023, there will be statiegeld charged on aluminium cans in the Netherlands, 20 years after Germany introduced it as the first EU country
  • It costs €130 (including taxes!) in NL to burn 1000kg of waste
  • Paper got 5x more expensive during the corona pandemic
  • 1kg of gold can be extracted from 50,000 mobile phones. There's 7 million old mobile phones lying around in Dutch drawers, which amounts to 140kg of gold
  • During 2020, more than 100 billion tonnes of raw materials were extracted from the Earth. 70% of all 2020 greenhouse gas emissions comes from extraction to end use of these materials
  • 5 myths about separating waste by knapzak
  • facts & videos by e-waste race (Dutch)
Would you like to add something to this list? Send us a message at

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