Product Designer

Native application for iOS and android, web design, UI system


About you

  • experience designing digital products (native apps and web)
  • strong aptitude for proportions and visual hierarchy
  • you work with scalability in mind (maintaining UI system, tokens, …)
  • looking for best practices/references is a core part of your design process
  • comfortable explaining your design decisions
  • comfortable with giving and receiving constructive design feedback
  • constantly trying to optimise the collaboration between design and the development team
  • not afraid to share your unfinished/premature work
  • you are a proactive person that likes to take initiative and is also comfortable with saying no

About us

We connect people to solve collective action problems. We aspire to make doing good fun & easy.

CollAction is an Amsterdam-based non-profit Public Benefit Organisation. Our team has grown from 3 to 21 international volunteers since July 2021 and we are currently building a native app to solve collective action problems. Our focus is on sustainability-related issues.

Our organisational goal is to be a self-sustaining non-profit that functions independently from donations. Through a paid version of our product for companies and municipalities, we aspire to financially compensate everyone on the team in the future.


CollAction is a non-profit organisation and is currently run by volunteers only. We are not able to provide a salary at this point, therefore: your commitment to CollAction is exactly what you want it to be. You are not expected to deliver something that does not fit your schedule.

We love proactive people that take initiative, however: this works best if you are honest about what can realistically be done, given your individual schedule. There is no shame in saying no to certain tasks or in reaching out to someone on the team to help out if you don’t have the means to finish a task you committed to.

Our individual actions are a drop in the ocean. But together, we make waves!

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