St. John's Norwood Climate Pledge #1: transport


Engage 30 St. John's parishioners to pledge to reduce their transportation impact during Lent

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Project Starter

Tom Kerr

Short description:

Car and air travel are the top sources of personal carbon emissions for U.S. families. Together, they account for one-fifth of the typical Montgomery County family’s yearly climate footprint (coolclimate.org/calculator). Pledge to cut your transportation footprint and make a big difference!

Sign up opens: 19 Feb 2020

Sign up closes: 12 Apr 2020

Goal / impact

Lower greenhouse gas and air pollution from transportation.

Healthier people.

More informal interactions!

Engage 30 St. John's parishioners to pledge to reduce their transportation impact during Lent

Other comments

Check the pledge(s) you’d like to take

Leave the car at home more often during Lent.

____ Reduce the number of days you drive to work. Your pledge: ______ days per week of green commuting

(bus, train, walking, biking).

____ Take public transportation to church throughout Lent, or bike or walk.

____ Walk to your nearby errands throughout Lent. Your pledge: Walk for errands less than 0.5, 1 or 2 miles

(circle your choice), or for these specific errands (e.g., groceries): _______________________

Take a greener vacation.

____ Change your mind on an upcoming vacation. Go local instead of far away.

____ Change the mode of travel you had planned on. Check if driving or flying is

better: https://www.befrugal.com/tools/fly-or-drive-calculator/. Or take the train.

Buy greener.

____ Offset your carbon emissions from flying and driving for Lent or all of 2020. With a small donation to a

green global project, you can offset your travel emissions. Consider offsetting your annual carbon

footprint for greater impact. These sites provide travel emission calculators and projects for donations:

https://co2.myclimate.org/en/flight_calculators/new & https://www.carbonfootprint.com/car_offsetting.html

____ In the market for a new car? Make it more fuel efficient than your current car: an efficient used car

(often the greenest choice), or electric, hybrid or best-in-class

Questions? Contact St John’s Eco Action Team members Jane Houlihan (jhoulihan@me.com) and Melanie

Folstad (melanie.folstad@rbc.com).